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Call #:
Anstis Jenkins Updike (Mrs. Daniel Updike)
Collection type:
Author/Creator :
  • Partridge, Nehemiah, 1683-ca. 1739 - Artist
  • Date:
    ca. 1722
    Object type:
    8: Communication Artifacts; Art; Portrait
    Place of production/origin:
    United States, Rhode Island, Newport
    Half length portrait of a woman wearing low cut red and green dress. She is holding a red flower in her left hand and a pear in her right hand.
    Height:29.5 in x Width:24.5 in
    Updike, Daniel, 1694-1757
    Partridge, Nehemiah, 1683-ca. 1739
    Portraits, American
    Women -- Portraits

    United States of America (USA)
    Research Notes:
    Formerly attributed to Aetatis Sue Limner, now known as Nehemiah Partirdge. Nehemiah Partridge signed his work ‘Aetatis Suae’ and he was a limner (a decorative painter) in New York. The portrait of Anstis Jenkins Updike attributed to the Aetatis Sue Limner of Albany, New York, is the earliest American painting in the Society's collection. It was probably painted in 1722, the year Anstis Jenkins, daughter of Richard and Mary Jenkins of Bristol, Rhode Island, married Daniel Updike of Newport and North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The Aetatis Sue Limner is known to have briefly visited Newport in 1722 on a trip which took him as far south as Jamestown, Virginia. Anstis Jenkins Updike was the second wife of Daniel Updike (1694-1757). His first wife Sarah Benedict, died in 1718. Anstis Jenkins was born on October 28, 1702, making her but twenty years old at the time her portrait was painted. She died ca. 1744, and the following year her husband married Mary Wanton. The portrait of Anstis Jenkins Updike is one of only seven located paintings dating from the Aetatis Sye Limner's Newport period. The two most important of these are the large portraits of Richard Ward and the Gentleman of the Coddington Family. None bear the familiar inscription ‘Etas Suae’ or ‘AEstatis Sua’ or some variation of the same, followed by the sitter’s age. Of the group of over eighty portraits attributed to Aetatis Sue Limner, only twenty-three bear inscriptions in the same hand. While the Aetatis Sue Limner’s work is often rather awkwardly handled, with hard, linear modeling and anatomical distortions, it is not surprising that the Updikes turned to him for their marriage portraits. In 1722 no recorded portrait painter lived in Newport. By 1729 John Smibert, a London-trained portraitist, was to fill such a need among its wealthy residents. Born 28 October 1702 in Bristol, Rhode Island, to Richard and Mary (Wilkins) Jenkins. Married 21 December 1722 to Daniel Updike (Attorney General of Rhode Island for 25 years), his second wife. Daniel Updike was born to Lodowick and Abigail (Newton) Updike of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. They had two children: Lodowick Updike 1725-1804 and Mary Updike Cole 1727-1811, both born in Newport, Rhode Island
    Gift of Mr. Hardin Updike Green , 1971
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