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The epistle from the Yearly-Meeting in London, held by adjournments, from the 4th of the sixth month 1781, to the 9th of the same, inclusive /
London Yearly Meeting (Society of Friends)
Arnold, Jonathan, former owner.
Davis, Robert.
Call number:
G1157 Broadsides London 1781
Imprint date:
The Society
Imprint place:
Physical Description:
4 p. ; 34 cm. (fol.)
Caption title.
Docket title: The Yealry-Epistle, 1781.
Signed: Robert Davis, clerk to the meeting this year.
Scripture notations printed in outer margins.
From our Yearly-Meeting, held in London...To Friends at their Yearly-Meeting for Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, & c. (p. 3-4).
Evans (Suppleaf , 1781): B5283.???
RIHS copy inscribed on p. 4: For Jon. Arnold. RHI
London Yearly Meeting (Society of Friends)
Society of Friends.
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