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  • Enos Hitchcock Papers
  • Hitchcock, Enos, 1745-1803
Call Number:
  • MSS 78
Record Level:
  • Collection
Physical Description:
  • 1 ft.
  • RB
Inclusive Dates:
  • 1769-1803
Bulk Dates:
  • 1769-1803
Cataloged By:
  • Harold Kemble, June 1987. Elizabeth Delmage, April 2006,
  • Minister from Providence, R.I.

  • Personal papers, sermons and accounts from a Revolutionary War chaplain.

Cataloging Note:
  • This collection was previously processed in June 1987 by Harold Kemble. In March 2006, the Enos Hitchcock Papers were given an updated listing and the diaries were more closely cataloged and added to the Guide of Men's Diaries. Also, accounts that relate to the First Congregational Church's Benevolent Congregational Society were removed from Enos Hitchcock's personal accounts into their own folder within this collection.
Historical Note:
  • The Reverend Doctor Enos Hitchcock served as a chaplain during the American Revolutionary War. He was also a distinguished preacher, promoter of education and member of the Benevolent Congregational Society. Rev. Hitchcock was born March 7, 1744 in Springfield, Mass. and was the son of Peletiah and Sarah (Parsons) Hitchcock. In 1767, he graduated from Harvard College and soon began preaching. Hitchcock was officially ordained a minister in 1771 and preached at the Second Church in Beverly, Mass. It was also during this time that he married his wife Achsah Jordan (c.1744-1801). They had one child together, Achsah (c.1775-1784) and later adopted Mary Hitchcock Jordan (c.1778-1803) at an unknown date.; When fighting broke out between the colonies and Great Britain in 1775, Hitchcock felt compelled to join the army. He served as chaplain of the Continental Army from 1779-1780 in the following regiments: 3rd Continental Infantry, 10th Massachusetts and Patterson's Massachusetts Brigade. Following the end of the war, Rev. Hitchcock preached in different communities until he finally settled in Providence, R.I. as the pastor of the First Congregational Church in 1783. Here he became an active member in the Benevolent Congregational Society, which was also referred to as the First Congregational Society interchangeably.; Rev. Hitchcock received his doctorate from Brown University in 1788 and maintained close connections with the school throughout his life. He was also involved in the cause of education, along with President James Manning (1738-1791) of Brown University, Moses Brown (1738-1836) and other prominent Providence citizens. By the time of his death, he was successful in obtaining the establishment of a public school system in Providence. Besides this endeavor, Rev. Hitchcock was a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery. He himself had purchased a man from slavery, Ceasar Hitchcock, whom he manumitted and remembered in his last will and testament for his faithful service. Rev. Hitchcock died in Providence, R.I. on February 27, 1803.
Bibliographic References:
  • Rhode Island Cemetery Database.; Shipton, Clifford K. Sibley's Harvard Graduates - Volume 16: 1764-1767. Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1972.; Winship, George P., William MacDonald, and Frank Greene Bates. Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society: 1900-1901. Providence, R.I.: Standard Printing Company, 1902.; Weeden, William B., ed. "Diary of Enos Hitchcock, D.D., A Chaplain in the Revolutionary Army. With a Memoir." Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society 7 (July 1899) : 87-134.; Weeden, William B., ed. "Diary of Enos Hitchcock, D.D." Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society 7 (Oct. 1899) : 147-194.; Weeden, William B., ed. "Diary of Enos Hitchcock, D.D., (Concluded)" Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society 7 (Jan. 1900) : 207-231.
Scope and Content:
  • This collection includes letters, diaries, accounts, sermons and other miscellaneous material from Enos Hitchcock as well as accounts and papers pertaining to the First Congregational Society Church and their Benevolent Congregational Society.
Accession Number:
  • 1847.6.1-
  • 1847.6.2
  • 1889.23
  • 1900.29.1
  • 1900.29.2-4
  • 1900.32.1.1-
  • 1902.24
  • Enos Hitchcock's Papers arrived in various accessions. The first donation was in 1847 (#1847. 6. 1.-; #1847. 6. 2) by William Gammeel which included a collection of almanacs that have journal entries interleaved throughout the pages. Hitchcock's sermon, "A Devout Soldier: A Sermon Preached at West Point," is assumed to have been donated in 1889 (#1889. 23). In 1900 (#1900. 21. 1; #1900. 29. 2-4), Fred A. Arnold donated more diaries that belonged to Hitchcock. Also in 1900 (#1900. 32. 1. 1-), about 500 letters and other manuscripts covering Hitchcock's life from 1780-1803 were found by librarian Clarence Bridghem in an old trunk in the newspaper room, labeled, "Of Little Value." Further description of this accession can be found in Proceedings of the Rhode Island Historical Society: 1900-1901 on page 27.
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